About the writer …

I’m a wife, a mom, a working woman … a preacher, teacher, and student … an ordained pastor and a Certified Information & Referral Specialist.  Through it all weaves the theme that runs through the blog: a practicing disciple of Jesus … “practicing” because I’m still a work in progress.


I currently make my home in Saint Paul, Minnesota with my husband, our two teenagers, two cats, and a dog.  My roots go back to northeastern Indiana where I was born and grew up.  I went to college at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.  Since my graduation with a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering, I’ve lived in Texas, Florida, and Arizona before moving to Minnesota where I attended Luther Seminary.  After earning my Master of Divinity degree, I took my first call to a congregation in Kansas.  Now I’m back in Minnesota, thanks to my husband’s career, and looking for a call to a congregation … along with many, many other clergy in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.


In the meantime, I raise my kids, walk the dog, keep up the house, work with other clergy, and provide information and referral services to people looking for help (which is a lot like helping lost souls find a way to go …).  Somehow it all fits together; sometimes, it actually makes sense.