Manic Wednesday

From two weeks ago, Wednesday, August 28th…

6:00 already – I was just in the middle of a dream …

This has to be the fault of the local DJ who decided to play “Manic Monday” by the Bangles just after 6:00 am on a Wednesday – not a Monday, a Wednesday … which like most Wednesdays around here was getting off to a slow start.  But no worries here; I don’t have to be at work until noon.

Nor was I “just in the middle of dream” at that time.  I was awake and nothing remotely romantic was happening.  It was just the usual routine of the household getting into gear, with my husband heading off directly to work, my son halfway through his very first week of college, and my daughter having some leadership training events to prepare for assisting freshmen starting at her high school the following week.

Besides, even if the Mississippi River near my house were an acceptable substitute for “a crystal blue Italian stream,” it was already too hot and sticky to be outside for long … which was leading to some changes in plans.  My daughter had been planning to bike to and from school.  But an excessive heat warning was in store for the afternoon when no one would be around to help her if things went badly.  So there was a last minute change to her plans.  I would drive her to school and she’d take the city bus home.  It’s a round-about way and takes a lot longer than biking or even walking (which is why the kids don’t like it), but it would keep her out of the excessive heat after a hot morning at the school.

While she was considering her options, I checked on my son’s bus card.  It needed more funds.  I went on-line to add the money … and found out it might take 24 hours to actually show on his card.  He had enough on it for one trip and I gave him the exact fare for the other. With that settled, I drove my daughter to the high school and my son went to the bus stop to head for the college.   On the previous day most of the traffic had been in the school parking lot; today it was on the roads the whole way there.  Good thing we left early (for once).

Both of the newspapers were late, so when I came back home,  I called to report the delivery problems and then started to prepare my breakfast.  The Star Tribune was delivered first, surprisingly fast after I called it in.  When I opened the door to get it, a little Yorkie came trotting over from our next door neighbor’s yard.  I knew it wasn’t one of his dogs, though.  So I looked at the tag and saw the address was nearby.  Midnight (my daughter’s cat) was at the door looking on at the scene taking place on the front steps and the Yorkie was very interested in the cat.  As I opened the door to go in to get my keys and our dog’s leash to take the Yorkie back home, he darted inside.  Much hissing (from Midnight) and barking (from our dog Jack) and yipping (from the Yorkie) and chasing ensued.

No real damage had been done before I was able to collect the Yorkie, my keys, and the leash.  I proceeded with the Yorkie across the street to the house where he belonged.  No one answered the door when I rang the bell.  But as I was going around the side to see about a back door, one of the neighbors (who was moving her car because of street work being done) saw me and asked about the dog by name.  I said yes, that’s the dog and, as she was explaining what the dog’s owner had told her, the neighbor who owns the dog, showed up and took her dog inside.  (She was very grateful)

Back home, I continued preparing my breakfast only to be interrupted again when the doorbell rang.  Another edition of the Star Tribune was being delivered.  I explained that the paper had arrived soon after I called and apologized that the agent came unnecessarily.  No problem; there must have been some delay with the delivery process.  By that time, I knew there had been a delivery delay with the Pioneer Press as well … which eventually showed up as I was finally eating my breakfast.

Then it was time to walk the oh-so patient Jack-dog (who had been most disappointed to see the Yorkie going out of the house on his leash instead of being taken for a walk himself).  We did cut the usual walk short on account of the heat and humidity (especially the humidity).  But because of the heat, it’s very important to water the recently installed landscaping … which took more time.

Now it’s 10:15 and I still have to wash the breakfast dishes from this morning and get cleaned up for work.  The bed still is not made … and making it to work by noon is looking really tight at this point.

Yeah, it’s been a manic Wednesday.  Blame it on the DJ.