A Prayer for Peace

Trio 7A Prayer for Peace…

… On the occasion of the 2015 National Vigil to #EndGunViolence

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Saint Paul, Minnesota

December 9, 2015


O Lord our God, maker of all things… Hear your children as we pray by the many names with which we cry out to you. Though we and this world in which we live may be broken, frightened, despairing, you do not abandon us to the threatening darkness. Down through the ages, time and time again, with the varied voices, your prophets have insisted that your ways are marked by compassion and love, mercy and peace. Stir us up in this time and place, O God, that we may declare your message in this time and place, your holy calling to turn from the ways of violence and fear, to choose the way live and do those things that make for peace … for salaam … for shalom … for your vision of live. The peace you call us to – to live for and to work for – is more than an absence of violent actions. It is life for all – IMG_0098life in which all would dwell in safety and security, life where there is enough for all and no one is left neglected or in need, life without fear. Give us your power to live in that shalom, that salaam, that peace. Grant us to the courage to say boldly in these troubled times that there is a better way. Fill us with hope and courage to walk from this place in this way of peace. Hear us as we pray and grant us your life and your peace. Amen.